Meet The Designers

Do you have design challenges? Not to worry!!
Here at Sheraton Furniture our sales consultants will come to your home and evaluate your furniture and flooring needs. We look at room size and shape. We consider the room’s multiple openings, such as windows, doorways, fireplaces and entrances when designing the room. We will correlate the design to flow with your entire home. We also recommend a proper placement of your furnishings to enhance the beauty of your room. So give us a call today to set up your appointment.

Welcome to Sheraton Furniture. My family started in the furniture business over 80 years ago. My wife and I are the third generation and I have been involved in the business for 35 years. Room planning is my specialty. Every room has it’s space challenge; let me help you find the perfect solution for your home. No matter how big or small, I can help. Call for an appointment today!

My career began literally the bottom up. I have gained much knowledge from working in the warehouse, delivering furniture, and being a service technician. I have also been to High Point, NC during the market (which introduces new styles), and conduct many factory tours at different locations. My personal style taste and specialty is contemporary decor, but I am well versed in other styles as well.

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